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Furnace Roof

Furnace Roof

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Another key part of SAF reflects the sealing technology of closed SAF, with advanced technology and good sealing effects.

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Furnace roof refers to roof of submerged arc furnace, which can reflect the furnace type can be semi closed or closed.

Submerged arc furnace has a dished hearth, vertical side walls, and a relatively flat roof consisting of a center portion, a relatively planar outer portion and a cylindrical skirt which abuts the side wall to define a space above and around the expected surface of the furnace charge wherein CO containing waste gases can be oxidized to minimize CO and promote heat transfer to the furnace charge. The roof center portion is refractory having holes for receiving electrodes and the outer portion is formed of water-cooled pipes which define sections of the annulus. The upper end of the side walls is also formed of water-cooled panels.

The roof is divided into several blocks so that local damage, if any, of it can be repaired easily by replacing a block which has been damaged with a new spare one, without taking down the whole furnace roof for repairs.

A water-cooled roof comprises a roof ring of a circular cross section, and the ring supports a box-shaped structure welded from metal plates. The structure consists of two portions, a central portion in form of hollow disc and a peripheral portion in form of a hollow ring. Joint between central and peripheral portions is packed with gasket of electric-insulating material. Roof is lined with refractory material from the side of furnace.

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