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How Is Silicon Manganese Made?

How Is Silicon Manganese Made?

Silicon manganese, or silicon manganese alloys, can be made by submerged arc furnace (silicon manganese furnace). They are alloys composed of manganese, silicon, iron and small amount of carbon and other elements, which used as compound deoxidizer for steel-making, and also as reductant for medium and low-carbon ferromanganese and manganese metal by electro silicothermic method.


Quality requirements of manganese ore based on different purities of silicon manganese alloys are show as following table:

Grade Quality of Mn ore
Mn%≥ Mn/Fe≥ P/Mn≤
FeMn60Si25 32 8 0.001-0.002
FeMn63Si22 32 6.8 0.001-0.002
FeMn65Si20 32 7.7 0.001-0.002
FeMn65Si17 32 6.5 0.001-0.002
FeMn65Si14 32 5.5 0.001-0.002

Besides, raw materials for silicon manganese furnace smelting must be meet the requirements as following:

1) Manganese ore particle size: 10 ~ 80 mm, size smaller than 10mm must be less than 10%;

2) Coke: should meet metallurgical coke conditions, fixed carbon≥ 84%, ash content ≤14%; particle size requirements: 5 ~ 25 mm.

3) CaF2 in fluorite is more than 70%, and the particle size is 5 ~ 40 mm.

4) Requirements of raw materials is related to the capacity of electric furnace.

Post time: Sep-07-2020