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Low Speed Crusher

Low Speed Crusher

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Low Speed Crusher is a kind of crusher used to crush ferroalloy into appropriate size.

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Product Description

Low Speed Crusher is a kind of crusher used to crush ferroalloy into appropriate size. The bevel gear is driven by the reducer to make the inner cylinder rotate slowly. A crushing plate is installed outside the inner cylinder to make it move in a circular motion around the external fixed friction ring. Due to gravity, the material will fall into the crushing chamber. The material is crushed in the box and discharged by the collecting hopper. The design of toothed cutters and staggered blades minimizes the amount of dust produced during grinding.


The Low Speed Crusher has the characteristics of low speed, high torque, low noise, less dust pollution, easy operation, even granulation, running without overheating, long service life and so on. The device is suitable for crushing hard and thick materials and small amount of waste. In addition, we have patent technology for ferroalloys crushing, which is efficient and can be designed based on different needs.


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