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Superior Clay Firebrick

Superior Clay Firebrick

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As its named, “super” means the quality and our services.

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Superior clay firebrick is made of 50% soft clay and 50% hard clay clinker, which is proportioned according to certain grain size requirements. After molding and drying, it is fired at high temperature of 1300-1400 ℃. Clay brick belongs to weak acid refractory products, which can resist erosion of acid slag and acid gas, but the resistance to alkaline material is slightly poor. It has good thermal performance and is resistant to rapid cooling and heating.

Superior clay firebrick is one of the main varieties of silicon aluminum series products. It is a refractory product with 30-48% Al2O3 content, which is made of clay clinker as aggregate and fire-resistant clay as binder. It is mainly used in thermal boiler, glass furnace, cement furnace, chemical fertilizer gas making furnace, blast furnace, hot blast furnace, coking furnace, electric furnace, casting and steel pouring brick, etc.

Based on production of common clay brick, it is produced by adopts homogenizing material as main raw material, adds a proper amount of auxiliary materials and some additives, after fine grinding, mixing and high-pressure molding, it is transformed into mullite crystal phase at a proper firing temperature, and residual products have good mineral composition, so as to ensure that the products have high fire resistance Compact bulk density, low porosity, excellent high temperature creep performance and good volume stability.

I. General clay refractory products

1. Products are divided into (NZ) - 42, (NZ) - 40, (NZ) - 38 three types according to physical and chemical indexes.

2. shape and dimension of the products comply with provisions of GB2992-82 "shape and dimension of general refractory bricks".

3. classification of products conforms to YB844-75 classification and definition of refractory products. Generally, it can be divided into standard type, general type, special type and special type. It can also be made according to user's requirements.

4. physical and chemical indexes of the products meet requirements of following: T-38 clay brick size: 230*114*65/55.


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