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High Alumina Refractory Bricks

High Alumina Refractory Bricks

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This kind of brick applications is mainly depends on customer needs and types of product.

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High alumina refractory bricks are kind of refractory, with main component of Al2O3.

If Al2O3 content is higher than 90%, it is called corundum brick. Due to different resources, standards of different countries are not completely consistent. For example, in European countries, lower limit of Al2O3 content for high alumina refractories is 42%. In China, Al2O3 content in high alumina brick is generally divided into three grades: Grade I - Al2O3 content > 75%; grade II - Al2O3 content is 60-75%; grade III - Al2O3 content is 48-60%.

High alumina refractory bricks are mainly used for lining blast furnace, hot blast furnace, submerged arc furnace, electric furnace top, blast furnace, and rotary kiln. In addition, high alumina brick is widely used as open hearth heat storage lattice brick, plug head for pouring system, nozzle brick, etc. But price of high alumina brick is higher than that of clay brick, so it is unnecessary to use high alumina brick where clay brick can meet the requirements.


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