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Calcium Silicon Furnace

Calcium Silicon Furnace

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Calcium Silicon furnace is another applications of submerged furnace for Calcium Silicon (CaSi) alloys production. Calcium Silicon or silicon-calcium alloys is different to Calcium Silicate. Calcium content in calcium silicon alloys will be 22~35%, and Silicon content will be 60~65%. It is mainly used as inoculant for cast iron. Silicon calcium alloy has a strong reduction ability and is also used as a deoxidizer for high quality steel. It is acquired from silica quartz, lime and coke by  strong reducing actions at temperature of 1500-1800 ℃.

Classifications of Calcium Silicon alloys are show as:

Grade Ca≥ Si
Ca31Si60 31 50~65
Ca28Si60 28 50~65
Ca24Si60 24 55~65
Ca20Si55 20 50~60
Ca16Si55 16 50~60

At present, 33000kva Calcium Silicon furnace is a proper capacity for smelting. During the smelting process, we can get 0.5~0.7t slag from 1 ton of calcium silicon, which costs 670kg lime, 1500kg silica, 32kg coke, 400kg carbon electrode paste. Ca recovery rate is about 55%~75%, and Si is 75%~90%.

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