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Ferro Silicon Furnace

Ferro Silicon Furnace

Short Description:

1-Big furnace with matured technology

2-With rotating structure

3-Closed or semi closed furnaces are all available

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Ferro silicon furnace is the applications of submerged arc furnace for ferrosilicon alloys production.

Ferrosilicon is usually smelted in closed submerged arc furnaces with different power to producer different purities of Ferrosilicon alloy, in which FeSi 75 is the most popular one.

Raw materials of ferrosilicon production mainly includes silica quartz, coke (semi coke) , scrap iron, millscale, or other source of iron.

Raw materials consumptions of ferro silicon production (33000KVA,75% Si)are show as :

No Items Consumptions
1 Silica quartz 1780~1850kg/t
2 Coke 890~930 kg/t
3 Millscale 220~230 kg/t
4 Carbon electrode paste 45~55 kg/t
5 Power 8100~8600Kw.h/t

Types of ferro silicon furnace can be classified as :

-1- semi closed and closed.

-2- with or without rotating structure.

We are experienced manufacturer of ferrosilicon furnaces and supplied proper equipments and technologies for many ferrosilicon producers in past decade years. The minimum capacity of ferrosilicon furnace for ferrosilicon producers is 33000KVA at present.

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