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Ore Powder Sintering Machine

Ore Powder Sintering Machine

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The best machine for powder ore process to produce valve-added materials for smelting purpose.

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Medium frequency furnace is a kind of power supply device that transforms power frequency 50Hz alternating current into medium frequency (over 300Hz to 1000Hz). It transforms three-phase power frequency alternating current into direct current after rectification, and then converts direct current into adjustable medium frequency current, which supplies medium frequency alternating current flowing through capacitor and induction coil, generates high-density magnetic lines in induction coil, and cuts metal materials contained in induction coil Material, in metal materials produce a large eddy current.

Working frequency of medium frequency induction furnace (hereinafter referred to as medium frequency furnace) is between 50-2000 Hz, which is widely used for smelting of non-ferrous metals and ferrous metals. Compared with other casting equipment, medium frequency induction furnace has advantages of high thermal efficiency, short melting time, less alloy element burning loss, wide melting material, less environmental pollution, and accurate control of temperature and composition of liquid metal.

Major equipment features of medium frequency furnace are show as following:

1- Costs saving

- High heating speed, high production efficiency, less oxidation and decarburization, material and cost saving, and extended mold life

2- Environmental protection

- Superior working environment, improved working environment and company image, pollution-free and low energy consumption

- Uniform heating, small temperature difference between core and surface, high temperature control accuracy

3- Characteristics of medium frequency smelting

- smelting speed is fast, power saving effect is good, burning loss is less and energy consumption is low.

- self stirring function, melting temperature and metal composition are uniform.

- the working environment of electric heating is good.

- good startup performance, 100% startup for both empty and full furnaces

Technical parameters (example)

- 5T/2500KW Medium frequency furnace (steel shell) technical parameters

Name Unit Data Remarks
Furnace parameters
Rated capacity t 5.0 Molten metal
Max capacity t 5.5 Molten metal
Work temperature 1600
Max work temperature 1750
Lining thickness mm 150
Coil ID φ mm 1410
Coil height mm 1620
Electrics parameters
Transformer capacity KVA 3150
Transformer primary voltage KV 10
Transformer secondary voltage V 900 12 Pulse double output
Rated power of intermediate frequency power supply KW 3000 12 Pulse double input
Rated input current A 2280
DC voltage V 1200
DC current A 1500
Transformation efficiency % 96
Start success rate % 100
Maximum output voltage of if power supply V 1700
Rated working frequency Hz 350
Power conversion efficiency % 96
Working noise db ≤75
Comprehensive parameters
Melting rate (up to 1600℃) T/h 4.96 Depends on furnace charging
Power consumption (up to 1600℃) KW.h/T Less than 530
Cooling g water system
Water flow T/h 80
Water pressure Mpa 0.25-0.35
Flow-in water temperature 5-35
Flow-out water temperature <55

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